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​The Hamilton Motorcycle Club located in Western Victoria provides a competitive, fun and family friendly atmosphere for riders of all ages and abilities to participate in their sport safely and in a controlled environment.

At the beginning of 2015 the club re-designed the track with the goal of providing a safer and much more enjoyable track for all riders. The club employed the services of professional track builders to assist with our track design, and the construction.

This new design was well received by our members and broader MX community.

This layout remains to this day but regularly is reviewed and changes made to keep our track up to date and in the best condition possible for all of our members. 


Towards the end of 2015, the club installed a full track watering system which has been a great addition to the track. It now allows the club to water the track to provide a better track on race days.


H.M.C.C holds race meetings at our home track, catering for riders who enjoy the challenge of a semi technical track. The club also holds a pony express event which attracts many riders who prefer a different terrain. 


All new riders are welcome, and spectators are free.

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